Privacy Policy

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is dedicated to maintaining high standards of confidentiality with respect to information entrusted to it, including that received via this website. This notice has been prepared to inform you of EWB’s practices concerning the collection, use and disclosure of information about identified individuals, or individuals whose identity may be inferred or determined from the information provided to EWB via the use of this public website only.

This website uses session cookies to track website usage. Session cookies track a user's progression through a website (or websites) in a single visit. These cookies enable a web server to remember things as you progress from one page to another. Persistent cookies do not erase themselves, and they remain on your computer until you erase them using your browser settings.

A visitor to this website is not required to reveal any individually identifiable information, such as name, address, or telephone number. However, such information will be collected by members who chose to sign up to any EWB website. This information will be collected and stored by EWB via our secured server located in Canada.

Please note that for security purposes and to ensure that this website remains available for use, EWB employs software programs to monitor network traffic, to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, and to prevent denial-of-service attacks or other attacks intended to cause damage. Such activities will result in the collection of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses but such IP addresses are not associated with, or connected to, particular pages accessed within the Member Portal (or within this website).

EWB understands that you may have concerns about sharing personal information with us. We believe in giving you control over the amount of information we receive about you. Where possible, we allow you to give as much or as little personal information to us as you feel comfortable providing. We will never willfully sell, trade, rent, disclose, or make available personally identifiable information about you to any third party without first receiving your permission.