EWB Campaigns

Dalhousie University   Run to End Poverty     March 25   
University of British Columbia Okanagan
Run to End Poverty
 April 9  
University of British Columbia
 Run to End Poverty April 15 
British Columbia Institute of Technology Run to End Poverty April 15 
Western University Run to End Poverty    September 24  
 Memorial University of Newfoundland Run to End Poverty October 8
 University of Calgary Run to End Poverty  October 14 
 Calgary City  Run to End Poverty   October 14 
 Queen's University  Run to End Poverty  October 21
 Ville de Montreal  Run to End Poverty   October 22 
 University of Regina  Run to End Poverty   October 22 
  University of Toronto  Run to End Poverty   October 29 
  University of McMaster  Run to End Poverty   November 4 
 Stay tuned!! More runs to come...