Unite - Unite


Run to End Poverty (R2EP) is a Canada-wide event to raise awareness of global poverty issues and generate support for Engineers Without Borders’ (EWB) African ventures. The event brings together a team of enthusiastic runners and innovators from EWB’s universities and professional chapters. With every dollar raised and stride taken, R2EP runners connect our African partners with real opportunities to dramatically change their communities and the world. Find out more about EWB’s ventures at ewb.ca.

The goal of R2EP is to raise unrestricted funds for EWB’s national ventures that mainly occur overseas in Sub Saharan Africa. Unrestricted funding allows EWB to allocate funds to ventures and initiatives that need it the most. This way, EWB can make the smartest investment decisions and create the most meaningful impact.

Last year, Calgary’s R2EP raised over $7,500 for ventures like VOTO Mobile (ewb.ca/en/venture/voto-mobile/), a tech startup to connect African communities to businesses, governments, and NGOs. We have some amazing partners including Morrison Hershfield, MEC, and ConocoPhillips. But there is a lot of work to do and we want you to join our tribe of social innovators and run for a world without poverty.

So register for the Run 2 End Poverty, then register on MEC's site for the official run. And if you aren't interested in running, check out the profiles of our runners!

You can find out more about EWB by visiting ewb.ca.

Thanks for your support!